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President Bravo Grants Honorary Membership

SAN JUAN,PR – As one of his last goals this past month the Puerto Rico Statehood Student Association (PRSSA) President, Gustavo Bravo-Morales granted Honorary Membership (with the approval of the National Board) to the persons listed below. Is important to acknowledge that Honorary Membership within the organization is extremely rare and is consider one of the highest honor within the organization, as of today there are no records of former honorary members making them the first ever to receive this distinctive recognition.

“I hereby grant honorary membership to the following individuals who are not eligible for active membership but who have demonstrated and sustained superior achievements that have contributed to our mission in reaching equality for Puerto Rico through statehood. The following also showed a great deal of commitment to our organization even after their active membership ended…” – said President Bravo in the letter of recognition.

Honorary Membership has been granted to:

Hon. Kenneth McClintock
Founder, Former President

Hon. Luis Fortuño
Founder, Former President

José A. Cabrera, Esq.
Co-Founder, Former President

Josué E Rivera
Former President, Secretary and Treasurer

Hon. Pedro R. Pierluisi
Founding Member

José Rodríguez, Esq.
Founder and Former Vice President

Ref: As outlined in the PRSSA Constitution Article II, Section 2 “The National Board may accord honorary membership to former Active Members who continue to support the PRSSA and its mission of Statehood for Puerto Rico.”

Nombramiento de Luis Mercado a Director Estatal de Puerto Rico

October 12, 2011
Contact: Eduardo J. Soto

El Presidente Eduardo Soto ha nombrado a Luis Mercado como nuevo Director Estatal de Puerto Rico de la Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association. Mercado actualmente funge como Vicepresidente del Capítulo de la Universidad de Puerto Rico – Mayagüez. Como Director, Mercado supervisará la operación de los capítulos de la organización en Puerto Rico, ayudando en los procesos de reactivación y creación de los mismos.

El estudiante de Administración de Empresas, con concentraciones en Contabilidad y Finanzas cuenta con un impresionante resumé, que incluye haber servido como Presidente del Consejo General de Estudiantes, Presidente del Consejo de Estudiantes de Administración de Empresas y miembro de la Junta Universitaria. Su experiencia inigualable será de gran ayuda a la asociación mientras se comienzan los esfuerzos de campaña para las elecciones y plebiscito del 2012. Read the rest of this entry »

Equal Citizenship is now Closer than Ever

March 16, 2011
Contact: Eduardo J. Soto

The White House Task Force on Puerto Rico report came out today and it is now available at the PRSSA website. While providing unprecedented recommendations for economic and social development, the report also addressed the status issue and outlined the legitimate options for Puerto Rico’s political future.

Statehood and independence were described once again as viable options, but the report described the Commonwealth or Estado Libre Asociado as an acceptable choice. However, it did not undermine the ELA’s territorial nature. The report explicitly described the current status as subject to the Territorial Clause of Article Four of the Constitution. The Task Force expresses its preference for a two-tier self-determination process. The report’s recommended format creates two venues: a continued relationship with the federal government or separation via independence options. A continued relationship with the federal government encompasses only statehood or the current territorial status. The independence options include free association and stand-alone independence. Read the rest of this entry »