Insular Consumers Update: The Netflix Case

The Netflix Case is the second installment in the Insular Consumers series. Let us know your thoughts below.

A couple of hours ago, we received an unexpected but pleasant surprise. Netflix, perhaps taking note of our earlier post, has decided to offer its full service in Puerto Rico (and presumably all US territories).

In a rather vague email, the company announced that its Watch Instantly feature could now be used on PCs and other platforms.

In a rather vague email, Netflix announces it is offering its Watch Instantly service in Puerto Rico.

Confused, I immediately proceeded to check my Android powered EVO 4G and logged on to the Netflix app. Instead of giving the usual “Netflix is not available in your region” message received before, it proceeded to the movie list. Stunned, I headed over to, where to my surprise I was able to play movies.

With still a hint of skepticism left, I managed to set up the Wii in our house, and to my amazement and surprise, it worked. Beautifully.

This event, while small, represents the end of a discriminatory policy that with no good reason, prevented Puerto Rico’s and other US territories’s residents from accessing the full service of this company, even when they payed full price.

Our hope is that in some small part, our previous post helped in some way to usher this in, but more than that, our hope is that other companies with similar practices follow Netflix’s lead and finally include Puerto Rico, a US territory under the same laws as all states, in their offerings.

It is our pleasure to finally declare the Netflix Case of Insular Consumers officially closed. Thank you Netflix.

Stay tuned for our next installments, and take action. One by one, we can end these unfortunate practices. For now, head on to Netflix and enjoy. Until next time. We have some movies to watch.