Pedro Pierluisi

Pedro Pierluisi was born April 26, 1959. He is the current Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, being elected by a landslide on November 4, 2008. Pierluisi was one of the founding members of the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association as a student in Tulane University, and presided the Chapter in that university.

He graduated from Colegio Marista in 1977, and then went on to Tulane University, graduating in 1981. He obtained his Juris Doctor degree from the George Washington University in 1984.

Pedro Pierluisi was the Secretary of Justice of Puerto Rico during Pedro Rossello’s administration. Afterwards he became a partner in O’Neill & Borges, one of the most prestigious law firms in Puerto Rico. Pierluisi was then selected as Luis Fortuño’s running mate for the 2008 General Elections in Puerto Rico.
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